Track jobs you want and simplify your job search management

Finally, A Site That Allows You To Organise Your Job Search
Jobbuddy is easy and powerful. Save jobs you want to apply for, add deadlines, update status and get notified when job deadline approaches.
This, and some more.
Track jobs online
Easily add job details (title, description, link, deadline, etc) and view all jobs in one place. Update job status and stay organised.
Job deadline notification
Get notified 3 days before the job deadline. Never miss applying for a job. Let us manage that for you.
Save competency Q&A
Save competency-based Q&As. We will tell you the number of words and characters. Re-use answers for any application.
Better Job Search Management
Save and track jobs in minutes. Take your job search anywhere.
Saskia Smit, Founder,
"I know this is exactly the kind of thing that would have come in handy when I was looking for work. It keeps all the details you need in one location, which can be accessed on the go. This makes it incredibly simple to stay organised while looking for work. "